Everything You Need to Know: Independent School 11+ Journey!

Are you navigating the intricate path of preparing your child for the 11+ independent school entrance exam?

Embarking on the journey towards the 11+ independent school exams may seem like a daunting task, but fear not – it’s a challenge that can be conquered with the right guidance!

Independent School 11+ Exams: A Distinctive Approach

Distinguishing between the 11+ exams for Grammar Schools and Independent Schools is crucial to tailoring an effective preparation strategy. Unlike the standardized exams set by the GL, CEM, or Kent Test for Grammar Schools, Independent Schools often have the flexibility to design their own assessments. This may include additional sections, such as creative writing, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the preparation process.

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Unlocking Success: 11 Tips for Independent School 11+ Exam Triumph

Let’s delve into a comprehensive guide designed to set your child on the path to success in the Independent School 11+ exams:

  1. Understand the School’s Assessment Criteria

Dive deep into the specific assessment criteria of the Independent School your child is aiming for. This includes understanding how much emphasis is placed on each subject and any unique requirements they may have. Knowing these details will guide your child’s preparation more effectively.

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  1. Practice Time Management

Time management is crucial during exams. Encourage your child to practice time-bound exercises regularly. This not only improves their ability to complete tasks within the allocated time but also helps alleviate anxiety on exam day.

As experienced Exam tutors we know that time pressure is a big factor for many students. This is why we slowly embed an increased focus on time using a variety of structures including games. Our approach has shown to prepare students and build their confidence.

  1. Encourage Reading Widely and Critically

Independent School exams often include assessments of reading comprehension. Encourage your child to read a diverse range of materials, fostering not only comprehension skills but also critical thinking. Discussing what they read can deepen their understanding.

Often Independent Schools will be keen to meet with a child for an interview. A child who is up to date on latest events and can clearly share their ideas has a high chance of being accepted. Our tutors are trained and experienced in supporting students in entrance interviews!

Bettering Youth 11+ Independent School Exam Tutors

Subject knowledge across CEM and GL exam boards

Specialist 11+ Teachers and/or full-time Professional Tutors

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All tutors are thoroughly vetted!

Written reports every half-term

Exam coaching by teachers who are mental health professionals and mindfulness coaches.

DBS and full professional checks

Personalised + flexible teaching approach to child’s learning

Over 15 years of curriculum knowledge;

Our tutors have successfully supported students applying to the following schools:

  • St Paul’s Girls Schools
  • Westminster
  • Godolphin & Latymer School
  • Alleyn’s School
  • King’s College School
  • Eton College
  • Wycombe Abbey School
  • Winchester School
  • Harrow School
  • Oundle School
  • Colfe’s School
  • Roedean School
  • Nottingham High School
  • Reigate Grammar School
  • Wellington College
  • Reddam House Berkshire
  • The Marist School
  • St George’s School Windsor
  • Papplewick
  • Queen Anne’s
  • Gambia International British School

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11 Tips for 11+ Success continued:

  1. Explore Past Papers and Sample Questions

Acquaint your child with the format and style of questions likely to be encountered in the Independent School 11+ exams. Past papers and sample questions can provide valuable insights, allowing your child to become familiar with the types of challenges they will face.

  1. Emphasize Quality over Quantity in Preparation

While it’s important to cover all relevant topics, prioritize quality over quantity in your child’s preparation. Understanding concepts thoroughly is more beneficial than rushing through a large volume of material. Mastery is key.

Bettering Youth tutors are all about overlearning. This means that children will have encoded the information to long term memory and won’t be as susceptible to nerves and day of feelings because the processes will be more instilled.

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  1. Cultivate a Positive Mindset Towards Learning

Foster a positive attitude towards learning by framing challenges as opportunities for growth. Remind your child that the 11+ exam is just one step in their academic journey and that the skills they develop will serve them well in the future.

Bettering Youth 11+ tutors are big believers in coaching students around mindset and resilience. If you’re looking for somet guidance, check out our blog: Revealed: How to Build a Growth Mindset and Succeed More

  1. Utilize Technology Wisely

Incorporate educational apps and online resources into your child’s preparation routine. Interactive tools can make learning engaging and can be particularly useful for subjects like math and language. Ensure, however, that screen time is balanced with other activities.

Our 11+ Exam preparation course is delivered online and utilises the best technology apps that provide personalised learning opportunities and ensures we’re instructing the entirety of the exam specification.

  1. Mock Interviews and Assessment Days

Most Independent Schools include interviews or assessment days as part of their selection process. Simulate these experiences at home by conducting mock interviews. This can help your child build confidence and articulate their thoughts effectively.

Bettering Youth 11+ tutors are experienced in preparing students for top Independent Schools such as Eton College, Wellington College and St. Paul’s.

  1. Create a Supportive Environment

Maintain a positive and supportive environment at home. Recognize the efforts your child puts into preparation, and be attuned to their emotional well-being. A nurturing atmosphere can contribute significantly to a successful preparation journey.

We’re big believers in supporting student wellbeing throughout this process. We balance academic need with mental health and encourage a similar approach at home.

  1. Stay Informed About Updates and Changes

Independent Schools may occasionally update their admission process. Stay informed about any changes in the exam format or assessment criteria. This awareness allows you to tailor your child’s preparation accordingly.

Working with Bettering Youth means you’ll never be left in the dark and we’ll always be on the right track!

  1. Encourage Well-Rounded Development

While academic preparation is essential, ensure your child’s overall development. Independent Schools often appreciate well-rounded individuals. Involvement in extracurricular activities, hobbies, and community service can add depth to your child’s profile.

Remember, the journey towards the Independent School 11+ exams is not just about the destination but the skills and mindset your child develops along the way. With careful planning, a supportive environment, and the right resources, your child can approach the exams with confidence and readiness.

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