Bettering Youth proudly offers interactive and engaging online group tutoring classes for all students!

Curious about our group tutoring classes?

Does your child have maths anxiety and need brain space, repetition and visual representations?

Are they preparing for the 11+ exam or the 11+ ISEB exam?

Are they preparing for the 13+ or the Common Entrance exams?

Is your child home educating and you're looking for a maths course that's engaging, fun and connected to real world learning?

Are you home educating and keen to build your skills in English Writing?

Group tutoring classes for Maths and English

Our Online Tutoring Classes are family favourites!

We solve the homework drama, the "I don't know" crises, and build your child's confidence. All within 50 minutes! Join us in a small, online group tutoring class that's interactive, engaging and fun.

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Our term time tutoring classes for January - February 2024

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Hi there, all ok thanks. It was great. He enjoyed it. Even though he had to take half the session from the car on my phone. I think he was still engaged. ☺️

Mum of Year 7

Hi, She absolutely LOVED the creative writing course. Not something I thought she'd be so excited about but Vic has her totally enthralled.

Mum of year 7

I spoke with the family regarding some feedback. They said he really enjoyed the session and Dad said the concept was really good and explained the Maths associated with the tasks well.

  • S. Pearce from the CBIT
SL + Jonah Orange Fall

Hi I'm Sarahlynn, an outstanding teacher, a mindfulness coach and an exam specialist!

I understand the crucial role education plays in shaping a child's future. It's not just about exams – it's about empowering children with lifelong skills that lead to success beyond the classroom.

So welcome to our tutoring courses where we go beyond traditional education norms. Our small group online classes are designed to nurture your child's holistic development, focusing on building a growth mindset, tools for stress management and executive functioning skills related to memory, planning and organisation.

Winter Term group tutoring classes: Now accepting students!

Bettering Youth tutors approach education differently.

It's not just about exams; it's about empowering your child to thrive in every aspect of life. The belief that exams are the be-all and end-all is a bit controversial, don't you think?

I'm here to tell you that success in exams is not just about rote memorization and last-minute cramming.

It's about nurturing a mindset that sees exams as a part of the journey, not the destination. Your child's approach to exams, and school in general, is the true indicator of their future success.


11+ maths course formats:

11+ maths small group class:

  1. Each week begins with independent completion of a topic pre-learning
  2. I use the data from these pre-learning activities to build a personalised and highly intentional in-person weekly lesson
  3. We ensure full mastery of the topic through discussions around efficient methods and provide plenty of opportunities for practise
  4. At the end of the topic, students will complete a mock exam to measure their progress and understanding.
  5. We use spaced repetition and interleaving throughout the course to ensure that students have multiple exposures to each topic.
  6. You regularly get feedback and have a parent's portal to view your child's assignments!

Why Choose Our Small Group classes?

Personalized Coaching:

Our small group classes are kept to a max of 8 students to ensure that our outstanding teachers can provide individual attention to all students

Our teachers will provide feedback on student progress.

Mindfulness Integration:

We incorporate mindfulness techniques to enhance focus and reduce exam-related stress.  

Our students walk into exams feeling confident and emowered due to the preemptive approach we take in teaching stress-management techniques

Holistic Development:

We go beyond academics, fostering skills that are essential for success in all aspects of life. There are 11 executive functioning skills; our courses focus on 5 of these:

  • apply task initiation,
  • goal-directed persistence,
  • time management,
  • sustained attention,
  • planning + prioritisation

What parents say about our small group classes

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