Maths, English and Science tutors who support children within and beyond the classroom

We are an ascot-based tutoring company that specialises in nurturing students to achieve their best in Maths, English and Science.

Our students are engaged in meaningful learning opportunities within the interactive and multi-media online classroom.

We blend wellbeing coaching into sessions to ensure students build their academic resilience, growth mindset and confidence.


Hi! I’m Sarahlynn Hodder, the founder of Bettering Youth

I'm so pleased that you’re here to find out more about our passion to support children on their academic and emotional learning journeys, whether that be at home or in schools.

Bettering Youth is an Ascot-based tuition company, and we’re on a mission to help children excel both in the classroom and beyond!

I created Bettering Youth back in 2017. Over the years we have established ourselves as the only tutoring service that focuses on emotional and mental wellbeing of children.

Our unique approach sets us apart and establishes us as leading tutoring providers and mental wellbeing coaches.

We work with families in the following capacities:

  • preparing for 11+ exams,
  • studying for common entrance exams
  • study skills and tutoring for GCSE exams
  • building confidence in Maths,
  • supporting reluctant readers,
  • inspiring hesitant creative writers
  • creating full academic learning journeys for home educating families
  • coaching children one-to-one on emotional issues (anger, anxiety, OCD, body image)

Bettering Youth shares Wellbeing Focus:


Both myself and the team of highly experienced tutors are profoundly passionate about teaching children: not only academically but emotionally as well.

We’re all experienced teachers who are dedicated to supporting our students’ welfare above and beyond the academic requirements.

As educators, our role is never simply to teach the curriculum; our goal is always to support the development of our amazing young people who all have emotions and worries, the same as you and me.

Whether you work directly with me or one of my hand-picked team, rest assured that you’ll always receive the same Bettering Youth quality and value.

All tutors undergo a rigorous selection process, hold an emotional wellbeing certification, and undertake a monthly workshop to ensure we're all presenting high-quality academic and pastoral care to support your child to thrive.

young girl engaging in GCSE online tuition


Grab your favourite cuppa and let's dig in. I’m a former classroom teacher turned tutor and mental wellbeing advocate. With over ten years of teaching experience, I understand the complex needs that our children require to feel confident, focused, and capable to try. I’ve also come to appreciate just how different we all are, and whilst it’s true that we have obvious similarities, there needs to be a unique approach that serves each child.

My true passion is supporting students to step into their confidence. My years as the lead coordinator for our local Babysitters Club and as the classroom teacher designated to support students emotionally, have taught me a few things that I believe are integral to learning:

  • Students who are happy and safe can learn better
  • Students often don’t know how to study or learn, yet once they are shown, they thrive
  • Students are happiest learning from a stranger (it’s not personal, I promise!)

One of my greatest motivating factors is the proof that I saw in my own classroom when we began including mindfulness techniques in our learning. Students became less agitated before exams, I heard less of the "Miss, my tummy hurts" on test days, and concentration levels increased as well! Bringing these skills beyond the classroom and into homes has been incredibly rewarding for both myself and the families we work with.

I’m passionate about collaborating with teachers, tutors and parents, just like you, who share my belief in supporting our children’s academic and emotional journeys. My belief is that every child deserves dedicated mentorship that provides clarity, equips them with practical tools and creates a mindset that will strengthen their mental health and propel them into leading a life that they - and you - are proud of and happy with!

Away from tutoring, I love road trips filled with a spot of impromptu karaoke, snuggling up with a journal, having improvised dance parties and video calling my family in Canada!

Everything I do comes from a place of real understanding.

Because I’ve experienced being:

The new kid 11 times

Told I’m not good enough at Math to take a Science degree

A Child of Divorce

In Hours of Therapy for Anxiety

Living With Imposter Syndrome

As such I understand children going through:

Big Transitions

Academic struggles

Dealing with bullies

Family Difficulties


Self Worth & Confidence


At Bettering Youth, all our emotional wellbeing coaching & academic tuition
sessions integrate mindfulness training and we teach with four pillars in mind:



Critical Thinking


As such, our programmes, whether they are tuition focused or emotional wellbeing centred, are all grounded in these four main cornerstones:

  • Identifying learning styles, strengths, areas needing improvement and assessing growth mindset skills
  • Weaving a personalised emotional coaching programme throughout; blending empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness and resilience
  • Providing a safe space for your child to strengthen their emotional and academic fortitude, so they are ready to excel above and beyond the classroom
  • Research-based activities to build strong communication skills and positive relationships


You’ll notice VERY quickly that Bettering Youth is built to step away from the ‘one size fits all’ way of teaching.

We believe that the best way that we can ensure our youth’s happiness is by treating them as individual beings that need personalised care and learning. This is why we always teach the child in the way that THEY need to be taught.

As Bettering Youth tutors:

  • We believe in a holistic approach to education
  • We are dedicating our lives to ensure that children are prepared not only for exams and tests but are equipped for life above and beyond the classroom



Build confidence

Build Resilience

Improve communication

Develop coping mechanisms

Let me show you how, but first, tell me this…

I am a parent looking for academic support for my child.

I am a parent seeking emotional support.

I am an educator wanting to support my students.

I am a school wanting to support my staff.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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