Discover bettering youth’s unique range of mindfulness programmes

Our unique range of mindfulness programmes are created with all children in mind; providing them with the integral skills that they need to thrive in life, both in the classroom and beyond.

Whether you’re a parent looking for academic support for your child, a parent seeking emotional support, an educator wanting to support your students or a school wanting to support your staff, we have a range of tuition programmes to suit your needs:

Academic Tuition

Child Confidence and
Resilience Coaching

School Children

School Staff


Each one of our bespoke mindfulness-based tuition programmes embed our four pillars,
all of which have a positive impact on the way that students learn, perform and relate to one another.



Critical Thinking


Sadly, not all children are equipped with these skills, and a staggering one in eight will experience mental illness at some stage in their life 1. By providing children with these fundamental competencies through our tutoring sessions, our 1-1 coaching programmes and our in-classroom workshops, we are helping reverse the trends on violence, bullying and depression amongst today’s youth.


Whether you’re a parent, an education professional or a school leader, all of our programmes incorporate these four key principles:

  • Identifying learning styles, strengths, areas needing improvement and assessing growth mindset skills
  • Weaving a personalised emotional coaching programme throughout; blending empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness and resilience
  • Providing a safe space for your child to strengthen their emotional and academic rigour, so they are ready to excel above and beyond the classroom
  • Research-based activities to build strong communication skills and positive relationships


By working with a Bettering Youth tutor, you can expect:

  • Us to have complete knowledge of how to teach your child’s individual learning style
  • Regular feedback on your child’s progress as a resilient, growth mindset pupil
  • Access to some amazing resources to support confidence and resilience coaching
  • Bespoke programmes blending curriculum with your child’s learning style and interests
  • Support as a parent through the mindful parenting workshop


Everything that we do comes from a place of real understanding and integrates my passion and experience, including:

  • My wisdom from moving schools eleven times before I was twelve
  • My three years of providing academic and emotional coaching for students preparing for exams or big transitions
  • My experience of overcoming anxiety through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • My fifteen years of working with children and seven years of classroom experience
  • My experience of being a burnt out and overwhelmed full time teacher

How we make everything "easy peasy, lemon squeezy"!

When you work with us as a parent, we’ll guide you through our simple four-step process to creating a bespoke support journey for your child - one that will banish the homework struggle and instill a new love of learning.


It all begins with a quick five-minute questionnaire. We know you’re busy, so we promise this won’t take long!


We’ll then arrange to have a complimentary 30-minute conversation, where you’ll be able to share your current goals for your child’s programme and let me know in what areas you think that they need to improve upon. I’ll also find out more about your child’s learning style and interests, to ensure that this is considered during our time together.

Furthermore, we’ll also discuss the results from the questionnaire and provide you with some quick but effective tools to help support your child; meaning that you can come away from your free call already armed with some action steps to support your child right from the get go!


Now that we’ve delved a little deeper, the Bettering Youth team will get to work on creating a unique programme that will help your child improve their grades, grow in confidence, and build resiliency.


Let’s start the journey! Once we’re all set and you’re happy with our programme outline, your child will embark on their first session with the Bettering Youth team, and their journey to better grades, improved confidence and resilience will begin!


Are you a parent looking to support your child academically but you’re not sure how?

Our bespoke mindfulness-based tuition programmes go far beyond traditional academic support, and will equip your child with new skills around performance anxiety, time management and study habits.

Are you a parent seeking emotional support for your child?

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that children face is that they often don’t have the tools to express how they feel. Our confidence and resilience coaching will help your child to build

self-awareness, improve communication and develop coping mechanisms that will benefit them both emotionally and academically.

Are you an educational professional wanting to support your students?

Our ten-week whole school-focused programme is completely bespoke to suit the needs of your school, with the main goal of uplevelling the happiness quota for both your staff and students. We understand that high-quality pastoral care makes a real difference to your students’ attainment levels and their overall wellbeing14, which is why we blend together the proven strategies, the effective activities and the wellness-inducing techniques to help create an outstanding child-focused school environment.

Are you a school leader wanting to support your staff?

Our bespoke and effective school staff programme is specifically designed to ensure that your team are working efficiently, effectively and joyfully! Leveraging the latest research to support our sessions, education professionals will learn how to teach the growth mindset with confidence, and how to continue to support students long after the programme is completed.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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