Mindful parenting 8-week programme

  • Whether you’re a super busy parent looking to find time for yourself;
  • A parent looking to solve the shouting matches and arguments; or
  • A parent looking for ways to promote confidence and reduce the worries

Our eight-week Mindful Parenting Workshop is here to help you support your child with their at home learning journey.

Over the course of the eight-weeks, we’ll cover:

  • Our brain and how it works
  • Understanding thoughts vs feelings
  • Inner dialogue
  • Communication styles
  • Promoting a ‘Failure Culture’
  • Building confidence
  • Mindfulness techniques for children
  • Mindfulness techniques for teens

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect:

young boy concentrating

Improve focus and productivity

Young girl relaxing

Increase self-worth and confidence

two young people with backpacks

Develop communication skills

Young boy sleeps peacefully

Create a sense of calm

young boy feeling overwhelmed

Reduce anxiety, and worries

Young boy in a yellow shirt looking calm

Build resilience and a growth mindset


We were recommended Sarahlynn at Bettering Youth by a friend and our daughter has been attending both Maths and Comprehension club for the last term. We are so glad that we signed up. V was doubting her abilities and Maths, in particular, had become a bit of a block. She was very nervous about joining the group but Sarahlynn is so encouraging. She creates a really warm and caring space where the children feel confident and capable. Now I hear V participating and sharing ideas with the other children in the group, without fear of ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘sounding silly’. Her self-belief has really grown and she looks forward to the classes each week. Thank you Sarahlynn!
Sarah-Lynn guided my 10 year old son through a crash course over half term to prepare him for his ISEB Pre-test for entry into senior schools including Harrow, Eton and Winchester. We worked together to identify the specific sub-topics within Maths, English, Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning that he needed extra help with. Sarah-Lynn used their time very efficiently so that everything was covered, but was she still very patient and thorough. She had even taken the time to research inspirational quotes that really resonated with my son so it was lovely to see him full of enthusiasm and looking forward to their sessions. She also sent a report after each session and shared her notes so that we could practice further at home. Thanks to Sarah-Lynn, my son was left feeling happy and confident ahead of his exam.

Sarahlynn has been tutoring my daughter for over a year initially in Maths and more recently in both Maths and English. Sarahlynn is patient, encouraging, smart and kind.

My daughter was initially in year 3 and now in year 4 and during this time the standard of her Maths has increased and she has moved up an attainment set since the beginning of year 4. Sarahlynn varies her tuition depending on the subjects being covered at school and is very thorough at appraising my daughter fully that she understand ths area of focus. She works with Bond and CGP books, her own worksheets, written test papers from when she taught in the classroom, and verbal / arithmatic games depending on the requirement of the day.

In English she has been extremely thorough, working on Grammar, spellings, content & structure and more recently, written comprehension. She shows smart strategies to approach these subjects on a weekly basis. I recommend Sarahlynn very highly. She genuinely cares for my daughter both academically but more importantly, for her well-being and happiness as a child.

“Sarahlynn has been nothing but a source of strength and encouragement for my daughter Ella. After struggling with confidence at school and feeling embarrassed to put her hand up in class, she was falling behind. Since Sarahlynn has been working with her, she has gone up a Math set and has become noticeably more relaxed in social settings. We couldn’t be more proud.”

You have been a great mentor. When I was sad you would always be there to help me without judgement. I’ve learnt many things with your help. Thank you.
– Natasha, year 6 student

Sarahlynn helped our daughter through her first steps of learning English after we moved to the UK. She was always responsive over email, very kind, caring and patient with our daughter and was genuinely interested in helping her succeed. Would heartily recommend Sarahlynn as a tutor.

Since Sarah-Lynn started with her some months ago in preparation for the 11+ tests. My daughter looks forward to the lessons and there’s a keenness to do a good job in her homework. Moving the lessons online since the Covid19 situation has also been very successful. Would recommend Sarah-Lynn without hesitation

Sarahlynn is currently tutoring our sons in both Maths and English. She is highly professional and really enthusiastic about her work. She is very helpful in providing material to support their learning and has built a great relationship with our children. Sarahlynn has an individual approach and has the ability to understand the needs of each child. Our eldest son has recently been recognised by his school as having made a significant progression in his English which is a great achievement. She has the ability to engage and motivate the children and we would highly recommend her to any parent seeking a tutor for their child.

Register your interest here


You register your interest with us here.


We find a date that’s suitable for you to commit to 1 hour of contact time with us over an 8 week period


You embark on a profound journey that will provide the tools, resources and community to build a mindfulness practice for you and your family.

Did you know:
Parents wishing to participate in the Mindful Parenting programme can save over 300.00 when
they register their child in our Child Confidence and Resilience coaching


To ensure our high standards, we only work with a limited number of clients. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to secure your place, just pop me a message using the contact form or email me at sarahlynnhodder@betteringyouth.com.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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