Introducing our fabulous freebies

I’ve put together some of my best resources to provide you with some super-useful conversation prompts, tricks, time management hints for children, study tips and mindfulness techniques.

Stress-free Exams E-book

My signature ebook! This free PDF is packed with tips, talking point suggestions, and ideas to support your child through exam season.

Learn the 5 ways that you can support your child to ease the overwhelm and remove the stress from exam season.

11+ exa, stress free
Stress Free Exams download

Study Smarter e-book

The ultimate best practices guide to studying smarter.

Learn 6 ways to improve your child's studying skills and help them pass their exams.

Banish Homework Battles Ebook

Struggling to support your child with their homework?

Whether it's pulling teeth to get them to sit and concentrate, or a struggle to get them to put in the effort, this guide will help you find peace at the dining room table. 

top 6 tips to find peace at the dining room table.
Family Meetings Ebook

A guide to Family Meetings Ebook

Did you love the first session of the Mindful Toolbox where we shared how to use family meetings as a place to introduce new concepts and improve communication?

Learn what a family meeting is, how it can be done successfully, and how to implement it with your family.

Summer activities Ebook for Year 3-6

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