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Tutors who provide emotional coaching and academic tutoring either through online tuition or in partnership with the school.

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The Bettering Youth Difference

Bespoke tuition that goes above and beyond the classroom

Children build confidence in Maths, English and Science by developing academic resilience, growth mindset and establishing strong study skills.



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What this means in “real world” lingo:

No more mysterious tummy aches

Stop the erratic blowouts

Banish the homework struggle

Put an end to the "I don't know's"

Reduce the worries

Slow the drama

How we make everything "easy peasy, lemon squeezy"!

When you work with us as a parent, we’ll guide you through our simple four-step process to creating a bespoke support journey for your child - one that will banish the homework struggle and instill a new love of learning.

1. It all begins with a phone call with Sarahlynn, our head tutor. We know you’re busy, so we promise this won’t take long!

2. We will set up a Zoom meeting to discuss your child's goals and so we can show you our interactive online platform.

3. Let’s start the journey! Initial meeting with your child to assess learning goals & learning style

4. Bettering Youth will create a bespoke learning plan for your child to improve their grades, grow in confidence, and build resiliency.

Bettering Youth is already positively impacting over


And their families across the UK and abroad. We are so proud to be working with schools and families who genuinely care about developing children's mental health and wellbeing.

What our students are saying:

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"I feel much more confident in Algebra!"

Victoria joined our Real World Maths club in February 2021 and felt she really benefited from our small group sessions.

  • Liked that it connected maths to real-world experiences
  • Loved that it provided her a small community as she is home educated

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"You have allowed me to achieve something I thought was almost impossible up until a year ago"
Clarck joined our GCSE Maths tuition programme in October 2020 and felt he really benefited from our tailored sessions.

  • Liked that it followed his school curriculum but allowed flexibility to hone in on key topics
  • Loved that he was provided with study material to review after the sessions along with exam tips and studying tricks

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"Thank you for helping me create my business plan. I am starting to finally understand Maths now that it makes sense to me."

Eva had Maths Home Education that focused on teaching Maths concepts in a way that resonated with her passion for entrepreneurship. She felt she really benefited from our project approach to learning.

  • Liked that it connected maths to real-world experiences
  • Loved that it provided her a baseline for creating a business plan

About the Bettering Youth Tutors

Bettering Youth partners with educators who have experience teaching and supporting children's mental health.

👮‍♂️ DBS checked
🥰 Passionate about instilling lifelong learning skills
🧐 Knowledgeable of the curriculum
🤩 Able to adapt teaching methods to engage students
💙 Use the Bettering Youth method of blending wellbeing with academics
💎 Quality instructors who are genuinely keen to teach and mentor
🙌 Support and feedback
🤓 A reflective approach to learning

Click the button below to find out about the English, Maths and Science tutors that Bettering Youth is proud to partner with

6 reasons that working with Bettering Youth Tutors supports children’s mental wellbeing:

Backed by scientific research and harnessing the latest scientific studies, our online tuition programmes combine my experience as an outstanding educator with mindful well-being techniques. Here are just some of the positive benefits of mindfulness coaching:

Better Focus & Attention27

More confidence32

Better Communication29

Create a sense of calm25

Less anxiety26

Build resilience & growth mindset30

Leading to improved grades and happier, healthier children!

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