5 benefits of mindfulness that will boost marks

Today I want to share with you a trade secret: the benefits of mindfulness that will help your child feel more confidence, ease performance anxiety and improve academic resilience.

You and I both know that it’s not really the marks we’re after. It’s the big picture:

  • Having your child excitedly burst through the door burning with excitement to show you the project they worked on and got rewarded with a mark that reflects that effort.
  • Believing that your child will get to choose which school they will accept an offer of registration from
  • Knowing that your child is confident enough to graduate from school and be okay trying things outside of their comfort zone. 

It’s not just about the marks. It’s about providing them with the tools needed to thrive above and beyond the classroom!

Enter Mindfulness. Pin it!

poster for 'how to start using mindfulness to boost your marks' with a young girl preparing for the 11+ exams via online tutoring with Bettering Youth tutor.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the conscious awareness of the present moment. It’s simply observing the present without judgement. It means that instead of thinking about that deadline, or worrying about how you sounded in the meeting this morning, you’re focused on the now.

Feel your feet press into the ground. Lengthen your spine. Soften your Brow. Relax your shoulders. Inhale deep. Exhale all. 

That is mindfulness. And if done regularly, you’ll notice some of the incredible benefits it brings. 

To learn how to include mindfulness in your every day life be sure to read this blog!

Benefits of Mindfulness

There are a range of physical, emotional and mental benefits to practicing mindfulness. Some of my personal favourite are: 

  • Activating the parasympathetic response to calm you
  • Boosting immunity
  • Increasing focus and productivity
  • Creating stronger relationships with others
  • Building confidence 

So how does mindfulness improve marks?

Well, in order to succeed we need a few elements to be present: 

  • The ability to fail and continue trying
  • Great communication to ask for help when necessary
  • Self awareness to ensure we’re in alignment with our goals and purpose
  • A great work ethic that works in conjunction with our learning style and personality
  • Health of body mind and soul

Not an exhaustive list, but a great starting point. And more importantly, a list that can all be affected by the practice of Mindfulness. This is why Bettering Youth tutors weave mindfulness into our tuition programmes.

The research of mindfulness and a child’s marks

Improved mental wellbeing28

Better concentration levels and more focus27

Enhanced academic performance31

Effective strategies for dealing with emotions23

Healthier relationships29

More resilience30

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