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3 students are independent learners

How to Develop Independent Learners: 3-part Formula

By Bettering Youth Team / 15 November 2022
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Learning is all around us. Independent learners will thrive in the classroom and beyond!

In this post, we’ll present a straightforward technique for fostering your child’s independence in learning, along with advice and activities to encourage it.

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Studying 101: 4 Best Studying Techniques to Maximise your Marks

By Bettering Youth Team / 8 April 2022

Learn the 4 best studying techniques to maximise your marks. Each study skill is grounded in research and highly effective.

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Bettering Youth GCSE

Top 3 Practical Tips to Smash your GCSE Exams

By Bettering Youth Team / 11 March 2022
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Bettering Youth shares these top tips to help you prepare for GCSEs in November

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interview post

How to Stand Out in an Entrance School Interview

By Bettering Youth Team / 5 December 2021

Is your child preparing for an entrance interview or a big presentation? Help them to develop strong communication skills for […]

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Black History Month

How to Bring Black History to life in UK classrooms

By Bettering Youth Team / 22 September 2021
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Bring Black History to life with these 23 activities, books, and documentaries that share the life, trials and triumphs of our Black brothers and sisters

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Back to School with Confidence Guide: How to Ease Anxiety

By Bettering Youth Team / 24 August 2021

Ease back to school anxiety by implementing our 4 easy steps.

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