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Welcome to our Tutors Page!

It is an honour to introduce you to our small and passionate team of tutors and teachers who teach Maths, English and Sciences while blending emotional wellbeing coaching.

Our tutors are the perfect 21st-century partners for your child; they are keen on embedding the ever-important social-emotional skills that companies are prioritising.

And are ready to bring the curriculum to life with real-world applications.



Our online tutors make use of state of the art educational technology like Bettering Youth's own app available for parents and students.

And provide students with numerous opportunities to prepare for the classroom and the world beyond.

Bettering Youth isย the safe space that families can lean on for emotional wellbeing, guidance and mentorship which will ripple out to create a generation that is intune with their emotions, their needs and is able to truly connect with one another.


What our Families have to say

V did really enjoy the poem (The Raven). When I asked her about it she started reciting it to me! She said that it’s mysterious and really dramatic and is now her favourite poem. Was a very good choice!

I’m so glad that Z opened up and spoke to you! You very quickly leaped over the first hurdle! As you’ve probably guessed, he is quite negative and not very expressive. When he came out of his session with you and said it was “ok” that was massive! “Ok” to him is the same as “fantastic” to another child!

She is loving Comprehension Club – especially this term’s focus on Poetry. Thank you so much! She has sent her poems to her Nanny to read as she also writes poetry!

She came out of the session this evening and showed me what she had done. She said she really liked algebra so that’s a pretty good result I think!

Hi Sarahlynn, I would like to say that we are very happy that E got a scholarship and Northampton High School and would like to say a big thank you for teaching and encouraging her on obtaining her goal. She is very happy! Thank you so much.

Hi Sarahlynn, just to update you, * has been invited to interviews at Winchester and Charterhouse and we’ve just found out today that Eton have invited him too! We are over the moon. Thanks again for all of your help and support.

We are really pleased with how much the boys are enjoying the time with you. Thank you for your kindness and knowledge in helping them! It’s really wonderful to see how they are enjoying and being more confident with maths and also themselves!

Thank you for creating the Comprehension Club. My daughter really loves seeing all of her ‘club friends’ every week and I can hear her confidence really building as she explores these comprehension questions with you. It’s been a real weight off.

Just wanted to let you know that * has really been enjoying his recent English lessons with you. We haven’t been experiencing any of the usual difficulties with him which is a really good sign. He has a more positive attitude towards his learning which is great to see! Thank you so much for the wonderful ways you find to keep both of the boys motivated.

We just wanted to share that S has been awarded “most improved in English” award this year and we could not be more pleased! His work with you has boosted his confidence and dare I say, he enjoys English now!

What you can expect

Bettering Youth partners with educators who have experience teaching and supporting children's mental health.

๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ DBS checked
๐Ÿฅฐ Passionate about instilling lifelong learning skills
๐Ÿง Knowledgeable of the curriculum
๐Ÿคฉ Able to adapt teaching methods to engage students
๐Ÿ’™ Use the Bettering Youth method of blending wellbeing with academics
๐Ÿ’Ž Quality instructors who are genuinely keen to teach and mentor
๐Ÿ™Œ Support and feedback
๐Ÿค“ A reflective approach to learning

Tutors you can trust

We're proud members of Qualified Tutor, a membership that ensures our tutors have access to resources, CPD training and coaching.


We are one of the first 8 companies to have passed the International Tutoring Framework! We were externally reviewed and assessed on how we keep our tutors and students safe, skilled and supported and are proud to have passed with flying colours. We are committed to building upon this success to ensure all students and families feel safe while learning.

BY QT Accredited

Bettering Youth Tutors are a corporate member to the Tutors Association. We have joined the professional membership body for the tuition industry in the UK. As a result we prioritise student welfare and top quality education.


tta corporate member

If you're a tutor who is passionate about children's wellbeing, we want to know you!

Sarahlynn, our Head Tutor and Founder, runs a weekly Wellbeing hub for the Qualified Tutor's community to build their skills in supporting children's mental and emotional wellbeing.

We'd love to support your development of being a source of strength, compassion, and care for the families you work with.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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