Meet the Maths Tutors supporting KS2 - A Level

These Maths tutors are passionate about making maths accessible to all!

The Maths teachers have extensive subject knowledge which makes them able to adapt the curriculum to be accessible to students of all levels and ages.

Many of them have been teaching in the classroom for over 5 years meaning they are up to date with the latest methods of operation that your children will be expected to use.

All of them have been specifically selected by Sarahlynn because of their passion for working in collaboration with their students, providing opportunities for them to grow in self-awareness, resilience, critical thinking and empathy.


Maths and Physics tutor for KS3-5

She is a passionate Mathematics and Physics teacher with more than four years of experience tutoring students preparing for GCSE and A-level examinations.

She is passionate about the mind and how it works. She teaches her students to control their thoughts so that they can work in their favour. To a great deal, this breeds academic success.

Physics tutor
Meet Safina, our Maths tutor and Business tutor


Maths tutor for Keystage 2-GCSEs

Passionate about learning and bringing the topics to life!

Experienced in supporting neurodiverse students



I am a GCSE Maths Foundations and GCSE Maths Higher tutor.

I have been a teacher of Maths for over 20 years and a Head of Year for over 10 years.

I am passionate about teaching and helping students improve their mathematical ability.

Math tutor Shola
Tutor Maths


An experienced SEN online maths tutor.

She has provided maths intervention trainings for primary schools across her county.

Her passion for blending wellbeing into her sessions is founded upon her experience supporting students with EHCPs.


Physics, Mathematics, and Robotics tutor for KS 2 - GCSEs

I have over 12 years of teaching experience, including four years in UAE international schools teaching at various school levels.

Coached students who won several academic awards, qualified and won awards at the National World Robotics Olympiad, the First Global Robotics in Washington DC, USA 2017 and Dubai UAE in 2019.

Physics and Maths tutor
Kristen tutor


Maths tutor for Keystage 1-3

When she's not tutoring, she's Scuba diving, researching and analysing the habitats of giant marine snails!

Passionate about bringing nature into lessons

Referred to as "an older sister teaching students with the utmost care"


Online Maths teacher at an international school for KS2-GCSE

Proud to provide support for all students including those with EHCPs

Multi-media approach to learning

Maths tutor infront of math drawings background
emmanuel maths and physics


Maths and Physics teacher KS3-A level

In addition to my role as a Physics tutor and Maths GCSE tutor, I am also a certified Additional Needs trained teacher, which has helped me to understand the importance of providing individualized support to students with diverse needs. My experience has shown me that every child can reach their full potential with the right support and encouragement.


Maths, Chemistry and Physics tutor for KS3-5

I love tutoring because I can make a real difference to students' lives in the long-term: no-one wants them to succeed more than I do.

I have perfected my remote (Zoom, Bramble or Teams, for example) tutoring skills in
order to make the lessons extremely effective

Physics tutor Maths tutor Chemistry tutor
dyslexia tutor


Maths + English Confidence tutor for KS1 + 2

Jacqueline is an experienced teacher with over 20 years of supporting students with a range of needs. She has a passion for supporting neurodiverse students to find their super power.

Her expertise lies in supporting students with dyslexia and low confidence.


Head Tutor, Founder & Wellbeing Lead

Sarahlynn is passionate about teaching emotional wellbeing; she integrates learning about growth mindset, self-care, positive communication, and handling big emotions within her tutoring sessions.

She is also the host of the Mindful Toolbox Podcast and the Wellbeing Specialist Leader for the Qualified Tutor community.

Sarahlynn Preparing for an online workshop with parents


At Bettering Youth, all our emotional wellbeing coaching & academic tuition
sessions integrate mindfulness training and we teach with four pillars in mind:



Critical Thinking


As such, our programmes, whether they are tuition focused or emotional wellbeing centred, are all grounded in these four main cornerstones:

  • Identifying learning styles, strengths, areas needing improvement and assessing growth mindset skills
  • Weaving a personalised emotional coaching programme throughout; blending empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness and resilience
  • Providing a safe space for your child to strengthen their emotional and academic rigor, so they are ready to excel above and beyond the classroom.
  • Research-based activities to build strong communication skills and positive relationships
northampton girls
st ascots
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Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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