Jacqueline: Maths and English Tutor

Jacqueline is an experienced and passionate primary maths and English tutor who works to connect with each student and help them see their own potential. She supports students who are dyslexic and neurodiverse to find their super power!

"Suppose you would like your child to have a more positive relationship with maths and language, be more confident in their abilities, and enjoy learning. In that case, Jacqueline is ready to tutor your child."

Jacqueline is Bettering Youth's Coach in the Classroom. A primary teacher of twenty-two years, she is very experienced in working with children of all ages and stages.

Through her teaching experience, she saw that some children believed that specific lessons were just 'not' for them and gave up before they even began. By using growth mindset coaching techniques, Jacqueline can support children to realise their true potential by helping them change their mindset. 


Jacqueline was one of those kids at school, "I just didn't get it, and I thought maths wasn't for me either, so what changed? My mindset - I developed a maths mindset. I began to believe that maths is FOR ME! I also discovered that I was Dyslexic and stopped putting my energy into trying to fit in, instead focusing on my strengths and making them work for me. It is now my passion to help children enjoy learning through games and curiosity. Identify their superpowers (like Dyslexia and ADHD), and develop unshakeable confidence in their own awesome selves."  


Jacqueline lives on the west coast of Scotland and can be found on the hills walking with her husband Ian or crafting and writing in her study. She is a mum of two teenage girls and a pet mum to three dogs, two rabbits, six chickens, three budgies, a tortoise, and a snake. Jacqueline is a mindset author and children's coach and runs a coaching business with her twin sister, Lorna. 



Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
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