Claudine: SEN Online maths tutor for Year 4-Year 9

Claudine is an experienced SEN online maths tutor. She has provided maths intervention trainings for primary schools across her county. Her passion for blending wellbeing into her sessions is founded upon her experience supporting students with EHCPs.

"I have always worked with children who need extra wellbeing support in all my roles from Childminder, to Early Years Professional to Teacher Tutor.

Currently, 75% of the students I work with are not meeting Maths targets for their Year Group and lack Maths confidence as a result. These include students who suffer from attention or hyperactivity issues; also dyslexia, Maths anxiety and executive function deficits, etc. All students benefit from extra wellbeing support, but above students need this as part of a targeted individualised plan."

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Claudine is a mother of two adult children.  She says: “I love Maths especially explaining Maths concepts and encouraging students to increase their confidence.  My experience as an Educator spans 17 years.  I take time to get to know my learners individually, and then create and plan to deliver lessons that suit their individual learning needs.  These are reviewed and adjusted during an ongoing assessment process.”

She is joint Proprietress with her siblings, of an independent primary school in Sierra Leone, West Africa called the Murraydeen Preparatory School, Freetown.


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