Meet the English Tutors supporting KS1 - GCSEs

These English tutors are second to none.

They have extensive subject knowledge which makes them able to adapt the curriculum to be accessible to students of all levels and ages.

Many of them are English GCSE examiners, providing invaluable insight, tips and tricks to our students which helps to ease the stress and anxiety around GCSE exam prep.

All of them have been specifically selected by Sarahlynn because of their passion for working in collaboration with their students, providing opportunities for them to grow in self-awareness, resilience, critical thinking and empathy.


English GCSE Tutor

Senior Examiner for AQA and EdExcel board

Small group masterclass tutor for English GCSE prep


Tutor GCSE English
Kelly Tutor


Drama and English Tutor for KS2-GCSE

Fantastic at supporting students in building confidence - especially in preparation for upcoming exams and interviews

A phenomenal support for neurodiverse students who have exceptional learning needs


Creative writing and English Tutor for KS2-GCSE

Passionate about bringing English literature and language to life!

A phenomenal support for neurodiverse students who have exceptional learning needs and the LGBTQ+ community

Sarah English Tutor
KS4 English tutor


English Language GCSE tutor

Experienced AQA examiner

Supporting students of the LGBT+ community

EdTech enthusiast; bringing learning to life!


English Literature specialist

Keen to make complicated texts more accessible

Powerful Revision strategies

Meet our English GCSE specialist for literature
Kristen tutor


English tutor for Keystage 1-3

When she's not tutoring, she's Scuba diving, researching and analysing the habitats of giant marine snails!

Passionate about bringing nature into lessons

Referred to as "an older sister teaching students with the utmost care"

dyslexia tutor


Maths + English Confidence tutor for KS1 + 2

Jacqueline is an experienced teacher with over 20 years of supporting students with a range of needs. She has a passion for supporting neurodiverse students to find their super power.

Her expertise lies in supporting students with dyslexia and low confidence.


Head Tutor, Founder & Wellbeing Lead

Sarahlynn is passionate about teaching emotional wellbeing; she integrates learning about growth mindset, self-care, positive communication, and handling big emotions within her tutoring sessions.

She is also the host of the Mindful Toolbox Podcast and the Wellbeing Specialist Leader for the Qualified Tutor community.

Sarahlynn Preparing for an online workshop with parents

High Quality Tutors, with a difference


The child who is excelling but wants to push it to the next level


The child who needs extra support emotionally and academically to prepare for Maths GCSE


The child who has incredible english stories but struggles to share it in their creative writing assignments


The child who can't stop worrying about their studies and needs emotional coaching


The child who is taking the 11 plus exam and wants to ensure that they have the best opportunity to attend the selective school of their choice


The child who has been home educated and is now preparing to write GCSEs


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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