Sarah: Tutor of English Year 7- GCSE

Sarah has a Masters in Creative Writing and is dedicated to help students fall in love with English.

How I help students
My key focus is supporting students through Key Stage 3 and GCSE in their study of both
Language and Literature. I help students prepare for 13+ and 11+ entrance exams to gain
entry into top UK schools. My goal is to help learners aged 11-16 to gain confidence
expressing their ideas and improving their writing skills. I would love to guide your student
to enjoy studying and achieve their goals. If you'd like to meet for a free 15-minute meeting,
we can use the time to identify your student's goals and explore how lessons with me can
benefit your student.

Your learner's lessons

A welcoming space
Students connect easily with me because I  am friendly, patient and encouraging. I understand the challenges that can stand in the way of meeting your potential and how to overcome them. This can be especially true of a subject that may not be perceived as "coming naturally". Learners find my classroom is a welcoming space where they can confidently progress toward their goals.

Learners can enjoy a variety of activities in class, tailored to meet their abilities and learning style. These can include games, worksheets  short videos and past paper questions. Students develop skills through shorter tasks until they are confident completing longer pieces independently.

Room to grow
Learners benefit from the room to grow and  learn in a way that best suits them. My encouraging teaching style supports this goal. Students tell me they enjoy my lessons because they are "fun", "decent", and they "learn loads." They also tell me they enjoy gaining new perspectives.

Students will set learning goals on a regular basis and lessons will focus on reaching those goals. Students will often be asked to complete written work between lessons. Completed work can be brought to the following lesson. I will provide feedback during the lesson, which may be verbal or written.

If you wish to discuss your student's progress, you are welcome to join us at the lesson start time for a catch up. We can check in and you can share any thoughts you may have, or perhaps any input from the student's school teacher. I am always happy to receive feedback if there is anything you would like me to know. I enjoy working as a team with you to support your learner.



Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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