Vic: Tutor of English Year 7- GCSE

I am experienced in teaching English Literature and Language GCSE for the AQA, Eduqas and Edcexcel boards. My main area of expertise is GCSE and A level English but I also have many years experience in Key Stage 3, including Year 7 transition so I would be happy to support a student at any stage from 11-19.

Visual + Interactive Learning

My teaching style responds to the needs of the student but I am a big fan of using visual stimuli to help support learning and creativity, as well as breaking down tasks into shorter activities.
As well as teaching I have also written and curated content for ed tech companies so I also like to incorporate high quality video into my lessons to help bring English literature texts and background historical context to life.

Experienced AQA Examiner

I am also an experienced examiner for AQA so I always like to ensure that every lesson relates clearly back to the content and format of an exam. I am also a curriculum mapper for a number of Ed Tech companies so understand the power of a great resource to unlock learning.

Dyslexic Tutor

I am experienced working with students who are autistic, have dyslexia, ADD and spent some time at a National Autistic Society school, gaining experience which I am eternally grateful for.

SEND tutor

I am also committed to supporting neurodiverse learners to achieve their full potential and have been very successful with this client group. Prior to teaching I worked in a counselling and advice background which I bring to my approach of nurturing the whole person while also focusing on results.

LGBT+ Inclusion

As well as teaching I have also been a pastoral lead for LGBT+ inclusion and I am a committed ally to trans and gender non-conforming students as I believe children learn best when they feel safe and accepted.

If any of my approach sounds helpful for you then give me a message.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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