Anna: English GCSE Specialist

Anna is an experienced secondary English Teacher having taught in a wide range of schools up to the GCSE level.

She is also an Examiner and Senior Examiner for the Edexel and AQA exam boards.

She is passionate about her subject and loves finding ways of helping students access the worlds within literature on both a 1:1 and classroom level.

Pivotal Tutoring that creates Big Shifts

Betteringyouth, from the outset, dealing with Sarahlynn and then working with Anna, our child's tutor, has been pivotal in turning around our son's (12 years) approach and confidence to answering near GCSE level poetry essay questions.

I usually help my son but just before Christmas, I knew I wasn't able to give him the structure and advice that he needed to move forward.

Our first meeting with Anna was set for between Christmas and New Year - how amazing is that!!

We'd read a blog of Anna's online at Bettering Youth and it was the first article we'd read that made 'how to answer poetry essay questions' both clearer and encouraged confidence.

For this reason, we'd specifically asked for Anna. I am so pleased that we did. In 4-5 lessons Anna has provided our son with great acronyms for remembering where to begin thoughts and start forming a response, a structure/framework to follow.

Through encouragement and allowing space for my son to think, formulate and especially, write a response, his confidence has come on and although we're still on an upward trajectory, he's no longer like a deer frozen in headlights.

When he sees a poetry essay question he now feels confident that he can create a good standard essay reply.

Anna, as an exam marker, knows exactly what the examiners will be looking for and how to formulate appropriate answers.

My son would get stuck on words or parts of a poem that at age 12, he may not fully understand. Anna encouraged and urged him to focus the spotlight on what he did know and could create a response to and he, knowing Anna's background as a teacher and examiner, believed that he could still get a good mark, without having to fully understand all of the poem.

Anna also let my son know that as long as you can back up your point with evidence and an established reason, that was good enough.

Even if the examiner hadn't thought of it or didn't agree with it. If it's a robust argument, it will stand and earn points.

Thank you Anna.

One month later and you've both helped us come from a state of chaos and confusion to one of much greater calm, confidence and acceleration.

Register for an English GCSE Small Group Master Class

Join Anna for her signature 2-hour GCSE English master class

Each English masterclass will support a small group of students to approach unseen poetry, literature and those dreaded 40+ mark questions.

Each GCSE masterclass will be interactive, personalised to the students who are present and provide plenty of opportunities to put the skills Anna teaches to the test!

Learn from a qualified and experienced Senior Examiner for AQA and EdExcel boards and put your best foot forward!


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Send an email to Sarahlynn to hear about Anna's current availability.

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