Our GCSE English half-term revision course is designed to empower students and help them improve their knowledge and confidence in preparation for their English GCSE exams.

This revision course, which is delivered in small groups (maximum of 8 students per group), covers test techniques as well as key concepts and gives a high level of personalised attention and assistance.

With exams approaching, Easter revision courses are a terrific opportunity to get the majority of your revision done early – but be prepared to work hard. Our revision classes are tailored to your needs, with a focus on important elements of the curriculum and plenty of practise on previous exams.

GCSE Easter





Book your slot on the Easter Holiday English Revision Courses

GCSE English Language & Literature Exam Master Classes


Unseen Poetry

Literature Skills

Writing Technique

Dates Available

April 12th 10 - 12pm (poetry)

April 14th 10 - 12pm (literature)

April 20th 10-12pm (writing)


All boards 

Anna is a Senior Examiner for AQA and EdExcel

Length of Course

6 hours


Parent feedback Unseen Poetry
Anna English GCSE tutor

The course will prepare students for the English language and English literature exams.

They will review both GCSE English language past papers and GCSE English literature past papers to ensure confidence.


An overview of our key topics:

  • Different types of exam questions

Explaining different formats of the English papers

  • Exam techniques and essay skills

How to time your exams and structure your answers

  • What examiners are looking for

Anna is trained by the AQA and EdExcel boards as a senior examiner.

  • Dealing with unseen poetry

Analysing language and arguments

  • Writing to achieve top marks

How to customise formats for different readers and objectives

Organising thoughts and using a range of linguistic and structural elements

Effectively using a variety of phrase patterns, with proper punctuation and spelling


GCSE Easter





Book your slot on the Easter Holiday English Revision Courses

Now is the moment to solidify your comprehension, address any knowledge gaps, and thoroughly comprehend what the examiners are searching for.

Benefits of a GCSE English Easter Revision Course

GCSE scores have always been significant, but their importance today is higher than ever.

Because examinations were previously cancelled owing to the Corona Virus, the pressure on GCSE grades is at an all-time high, as GCSE 2022 exams are scheduled to take place as usual.

Many students writing their GCSEs haven't had a normal school year since Year 8!

Furthermore, because A levels are now linear(The Uni Guide), university tutors are paying far greater attention to candidates' GCSE results.

Not surprisingly, more students are eager to put their best 'foot forward' and make use of all available help and resources while studying for GCSE examinations.

This 6-hour English GCSE course is one such valuable resource.


Why Consider a Bettering Youth English GCSE Exam Revision Course?

Over two-thirds of our business come from returning customers or recommendations, so our tutors clearly make a difference. In fact, a survey of the students we've supported showed an average increase of nearly 2 grades from mock results to GCSEs.

We are dedicated to providing a small group, time effective and valuable master class that will empower students to give the exams their best shot.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Tuition from experienced teachers, many of whom are examiners, all are DBS checked
  • Small class sizes (maximum of 8)
  • Tailored tuition. In our form your child can indivate their priority topic and we'll structure our content around these requirements
  • Interactive and engaging content
  • Students will understand what the examiners are looking for
  • Exam quesiton practice and feedback along with tips for avoiding common pitfalls
  • A community! We love small group classes as it puts everyone's mind at ease to know that they are not the only one.
  • An enormous boost in confidence - especially in the dreaded Poetry section
  • Excellent value for money, with prices from £34 per hour
  • Opportunity to work with Anna 1-to-1 for a discounted rate
  • If your child is in Year 9 or 10, an invitation to secure an early bird place on our GCSE Solutions course (Beginning in September 2022)

How can an Easter English Revision Course help?

Are you prepared to keep yourself motivated from April - June/July? (3 LONG months)

Put simply: Easter is a crucial time for building momentum with your revision.

Our English Revision courses provide a structured learning environment that will help you feel more confident approaching the trickier, core components of the English exams.

  • Practise papers,
  • Top tips
  • Revision support

Plus, you'll have access to an experienced examiner in a small group setting... what's more to love!

Attending this Easter English Revision course can make a major difference to your exam results.

Did we mention you'll also have access to a reduced rate for 1-1 tuition with Anna by registering?

Book your slot on the Easter Holiday English Revision Courses


What Year group is this revision course for?

This course is designed to cover core topics that most students find tricky. It is open to students in Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 with preferred access to students in Year 11.

(If your child is in Year 9 or 10 and you'd like support with their GCSE exams, learn more about our GCSE Solutions Course that runs throughout the school year.)

Does my Child have to Attend all Three Master Class Sessions?

We chose these three course topics because they are the ones that students seek tuition for. So we recommend that your child registers for all three sessions. However, you can pick and choose which suit you best.

What if we can't make that time?

If you'd like your child to attend the session, but you're unable to make the time, get in touch with our GCSE Course coordinator and we'll organise a solution.

What if my child needs additional, 1-1 English tuition?

Anna, and our team of English tutors, are available for 1-1 English Tuition. Registering on the course qualifies your child for a discounted rate of tuition at £65ph

My child is in Year 9 or 10 and needs support preparing for Exams

Bettering Youth offers a programme: The GCSE Solutions Course. It provides a GCSE English, GCSE Maths, and GCSE Science course delivered to a small group of students with an added monthly master class on revision, exam anxiety, and dealing with mental wellbeing. It aims to solve the problem that parents have of finding a tutor for various subjects, paying varying fees, at different times, and not really knowing if their child's being supported throughout.

Unseen Poetry


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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