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Are you?

  • A class teacher?
  • A school governor?
  • A head teacher?

Are you looking for a whole school approach to learning?

One that incorporates mindfulness, one that supports students’ wellbeing and one that will equip a generation of young people with the skills that they need to thrive in their lives?

If the answer is yes, then let me tell you about Bettering Youth’s mindfulness training programme for teachers and education professionals. Our unique offering is specifically designed to flexibly promote metacognition in an evidenced based school programme that can be woven into the daily curricula without added stress.

Our mindfulness programme will benefit your pupils, staff and community!

Blending together mindfulness techniques and positive psychology, and leveraging the latest research (link to research section) to support our sessions, educational professionals will learn how to incorporate these actions into their daily lives; allowing them to experience all the benefits that mindfulness training will bring!


  • More harmonious classrooms25
  • Less stress26
  • Engaged students with happy and healthy minds27
  • Practical resources that are simple to implement
  • Whole staff and individual teacher support


  • Improved mental wellbeing28
  • Better concentration levels and more focus27
  • Enhanced academic performance31
  • Effective strategies for dealing with emotions23
  • Healthier relationships29
  • More resilience30

Making it ‘easy peasy’ for your staff to support your students

1. In-classroom workshops

Our evidence-based workshops consider the ‘whole child’ and provide a hands-on application of effective mindfulness techniques to not only improve students’ academic performance, but also nurture their emotional well-being.

2. CPD workshops

Our workshops will provide you, as educators, with all of the resources, techniques and scientific understanding that you need so that you can confidently introduce both meta-cognition learning and emotional wellbeing into your students’ curricula.

3. Resources

As a teacher myself, I completely understand the importance of having access to high-quality resources that can be used and re-used to eliminate excess work and provide real value. At Bettering Youth, we’ve cut the fluff and created some top-notch learning assets that can be used with your students to ensure that spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is blended into their existing daily routine.


We believe that the most effective way to introduce mindfulness into the classroom is by taking a whole school approach and incorporating this completely into your school ethos14. Equally, we understand that high-quality pastoral care makes a real difference to your students’ attainment levels and their overall wellbeing15

This is why we have created a bespoke ten-week programme that perfectly combines proven strategies, together with the effective activities and the wellness-inducing techniques needed to help create an outstanding child-focused school environment.

Our ten-week whole school-focused programme will be completely bespoke to suit the needs of your school, with the main goal of uplevelling the happiness quota for both your staff and students!


Of children in the training group reporting ‘liking’ practicing mindfulness at school


You have been a great mentor. When I was sad you would always be there to help me without judgement. I’ve learnt many things with your help. Thank you. – Natasha, year 6 student

Pupil Wellbeing

Our engaging and uplifting sessions aim to shift the focus away from the numbers and bring to light the amazing people and wonderful personalities within your school! Our aim is to help students feel proud to be a part of your school and ensure that staff wellbeing is fully supported.

Here are just some of the areas that we will cover:


We believe that one of the most important values for all children to learn is how to empathise with both themselves and others. When a child builds empathy, their confidence levels increase and their feelings of self-worth soar16; allowing them to build stronger relationships29 and have more respect and tolerance for those around them. All of which will have a positive impact on lowering rates of bullying and creating an altogether healthier school environment.8


Here, we will help your staff to really harness the meaning or ‘resilience’  and bring it to life in the classroom. We’ll share the latest findings from our research and offer practical ways to foster this resilience in both your staff and pupils, including effective practices to encourage and support all children.

High-quality pastoral care:

Schools have such an important role when it comes to children’s personal development, which is why our programme aims to provide children with the proven strategies that they need to develop more optimistic styles of thinking16


Throughout our programme, we will share with you all the latest evidence, which confirms the positive effect that mindfulness can have on pupil wellbeing and attainment28. We will also teach you how to integrate daily mindfulness techniques into your school day. 

Arts and sports:

Whilst all of Bettering Youth’s tutors believe in the traditional academic curriculum, we also have a penchant for all things arty and sporty! Through our combined experiences, we have found plenty of fun ways to bring more fitness activities into your daily routine, with minimal disruption to your timetable.


If you’re ready to find out more about bringing mindfulness into your whole school,
just pop me a message using the contact form or email me at sarahlynnhodder@betteringyouth.com.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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