Why you Need an Independent School 11+ Tutor

Looking for an Independent School 11+ Tutor who knows how to structure lessons for optimum efficiency and success?

Are you and your child embarking on the journey toward independent school education?

Navigating the Independent School 11+ exams can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

In this guide, we’ll break down the format, content, and key strategies for approaching exams from prominent boards like CEM, GL Assessment, and ISEB.

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What is the 11+ exam?

The 11+ exam is taken by students in year 6. It is often to gain acceptance into either a grammar school or an independent school. There are a few key differences between the 11+ grammar schoool exam and the 11+ independent school exam. We’ll excplore them below.

Understanding the Exam Landscape: Independent School vs. Grammar School

Before delving into specific boards, it’s crucial to grasp the key distinctions between Independent School 11+ exams and their grammar school counterparts. Independent schools often have a broader curriculum focus, encompassing not only academic proficiency but also assessing a candidate’s potential for success in their unique educational environment. Grammar school exams may emphasize specific subjects and lean towards a more standardized format.

1. CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring)

Format: CEM exams are known for their unique, dynamic structure, aiming to assess a child’s ability rather than just acquired knowledge. The format includes verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

Key Strategies:

  • Develop versatile problem-solving skills.
  • Practice time management for each question type.
  • Focus on understanding patterns and relationships.

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2. GL Assessment

Format: GL Assessment exams typically comprise English and maths papers, occasionally incorporating verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The focus is on assessing a child’s academic skills.

Key Strategies:

  • Hone fundamental English and maths skills.
  • Familiarize yourself with the question formats.
  • Practice under timed conditions to enhance efficiency.

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3. ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board)

Format: ISEB exams vary across schools, covering English, mathematics, and often including a mix of sciences and humanities. The exams are tailored to the specific requirements of each independent school.

Key Strategies:

  • Understand the specific content outlined by each school.
  • Develop a study plan covering all relevant subjects.
  • Practice with past papers to get a feel for the school’s unique approach.

Crucial Tips for Success from an Independent School 11+ Tutor

  1. Start Early: Commence preparations well in advance to allow for gradual, effective learning.
  2. Tailor Your Approach: Customize your study plan based on the specific requirements of each school.
  3. Practice Regularly: Engage in consistent practice with past papers to build familiarity with the exam formats.
  4. Seek Professional Guidance: Consider enlisting the support of experienced 11+ tutors specializing in Independent School exams.

Navigating the Independent School 11+ landscape requires a strategic and focused approach. By understanding the nuances of each exam board, tailoring your preparation, and seeking expert guidance, your child can confidently stride towards success in these pivotal assessments.

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