Uncover the Power of Personalized Tutoring: Ella’s Success Story

At Bettering Youth, we believe in the transformative potential of personalized education; and we accomplish it through 1:1 tutoring. Meet Ella, a student whose journey with us exemplifies the incredible impact of tailored tutoring.

In Ella’s sessions, we didn’t just look at working with decimals, we applied them to her passion project – her plushie business. Together, we explored profit margins, target markets, and investment allocation, using practical exercises tailored to her entrepreneurial dreams.

Ella is a home educated student and had a lot of anxiety about working with a ‘maths tutor’, so to help them rebuild confidence we broke her sessions into two:

  1. The first part was a skilled lesson where we worked together online to learn the skill that we would later apply to her business.
    This lesson took place on Zoom and usually lasted 30 – 45 minutes
  2. The second part was an application lesson where Ella worked through a guided application of the skills we’d learned earlier.
    This lesson included a guide, a video to follow and a worksheet.

This mix of guided and independent learning was perfect for Ella as she rebuilt her confidence with a teacher-student relationship.

Take a look at one of Ella’s video lessons here:

Benefits of Personalised Tutoring

Our approach isn’t just about academic success; it’s about nurturing confidence, resilience, and creativity. Through personalized tutoring, Ella not only mastered math concepts but also developed vital skills for real-world success.

From understanding business basics to honing percentage calculation methods, every session was a step towards unlocking Ella’s full potential. With ongoing support and mentorship, she gained the confidence to make strategic decisions and pursue her goals with determination.

Ella’s success story isn’t just about math; it’s about empowerment. It’s about showing disengaged students that learning can be meaningful, relevant, and deeply fulfilling.

So, if you’re seeking a solution for a disengaged student, look no further. Join us at Bettering Youth, where personalized tutoring isn’t just a service – it’s a journey towards empowerment and success.

Unlock your child’s potential with Bettering Youth. Together, let’s rewrite their story of academic success and personal growth.

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Bettering Youth is a tutoring company that partners families in Berkshire and across the UK with Maths tutors, English tutors and Science tutors for KS2 – GCSEs. We blend academic coaching with our sessions which makes us the perfect partner in supporting children in developing confidence and resilience. Whether your child is in school recently deregistered or home educating, we can help.

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