6 Remarkable Local Businesses Putting Children’s Mental Health First

As we wrap up Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, I wanted to offer some resources that may provide support for you and your family.

As you may well know, Bettering Youth provides academic tutoring services and emotional wellbeing coaching. Since our humble start in 2017, when Sarahlynn left the classroom, we have found Berkshire to be incredibly supportive of our mission to combine emotional wellbeing when teaching. Our small community has grown year on year and our programmes to support children’s mental and emotional wellbeing have been tried and tested by numerous happy families.

For this reason, Bettering Youth is so excited to have a platform where we can honour other local businesses who are providing support for families and children’s mental health.

This year the focus of the week is “Express Yourself” with many charities and community partners encouraging families and youth to find creative outlets to express themselves.

The Duchess of Cambridge jump-started the week yesterday with a message that encourages us to not only focus on Children’s Mental Wellbeing, but likewise take this opportunity to refocus and adjust our focus on Parental and Carers’ mental wellbeing as well.

Local Businesses Supporting Children’s Mental Wellbeing

Each of the local businesses listed below are doing incredible things to support our children’s mental wellbeing. A quick scroll will tell you that they are all innovative, locally owned businesses that encourage children to express themselves through play, acts of kindness, exploration, talking, and movement!

Without further ado, here are Bettering Youth’s local stars offering resources for children’s mental health :

My Mood Stars

We’ve all heard “Little Kids With Big Emotions” since lockdown began.

As we know, it’s good to talk.  Talking defuses tensed-up emotions leaving us free to move on.

Some children simply do not have the vocabulary to express their feelings.  My Mood Stars help children identify and label their emotions through play.

Five to ten minutes a day sitting with the Mood Stars and inviting your child to pick one that is relevant to their mood gives your child the opportunity to match their feelings with that of the Mood Star chosen.

Playing one of the many games available on the Activity download gives you as a parent the opportunity to share your feelings too. Sometimes it comes as a bit of a shock to children that we also have emotions!

For more information please visit:  www.mymoodstars.co.uk


A family-run business that inspires positive wellbeing through mindful gifting, whilst leaving a better cleaner world for our children.

We believe that making time for self-care, mental wellness and the healing power of being at one with nature is not a luxury, but a necessity especially for young minds in today’s climate.

MindFill curate thoughtful gift hampers that inspire kids and teenagers. We offer a range that helps encourage escapes to the outdoors, reduce anxiety with a calming activity to focus on and to step away from distractions and gadgets and be more present.

From family foraging, nature explorer and young ecologist sets to mindfulness journals, headspace boxes and a positivity box for teenagers which fosters self-confidence and a growth mindset by just being your authentic self

To the Bettering Youth community, MindFill is offering a 10% discount on your first order with coupon code 10PCT at https://mindfill.co.uk/

Sporty Minis

Are your children missing their usual movement or sports class during lockdown?

Sporty Minis’ on-line sessions offer more than just a workout.Our specialist teachers & sports coaches have devised a series of YouTube videos, each one 15-20 mins long, designed especially for children aged 2-5 and 5-7.

Our fun, interactive sessions include elements of:

No special equipment & can be done in a small space.

The Sporty Minis team are passionate about keeping children active, developing their skills and encouraging physical confidence.

Only £24 for lifetime access to our 150+ on-demand sessions library

Gabriels Wellbeing and Education

An organisation providing holistic and creative learning opportunities. From outdoor learning activities like building dens and wood crafting, to thoughtful wellbeing days that help children understand themselves and others with more clarity and confidence, we are dedicated to making childhood better.

We care about the adults in children’s lives, too. You are so important — which is why we offer support and wellbeing events for parents, carers and teachers. Discover how to care for yourself with compassion, and nurture the connection between you and your child.

If you are considering home schooling as the right path for your child, then Gabriels offers educational advice and consulting.

In light of more serious news, Gabriels also offers support for the community for grief and trauma support.


Curly Kyla

Curly Kyla has thick curly hair and loves dancing!

When her teacher announces for the next dancing competition all hair must be in slick neat buns Curly Kyla gets worried and sad.

Written by Sophia Meyers, this book will be the source of joy and confidence.

Interactive, magical tales and original stories to build self-esteem, encourage cooperation and kindness. 
All created and performed by professional storyteller Ruth Humphreys 

All the  storytimes are interactive, in which ways depends on the children taking part. I use a range of props including puppets, live music and costumes designed for children to help fuel their imagination, but also encourage children to act out parts of the stories, decide on details or choose what happens next from a range of adventures of options

“Off we go on the Magic Carpet!”

Currently available for a range of online performances and events. For more details visit: www.ruthhumphreys.com 

Bettering Youth Wellbeing and Education

Bettering Youth tutors are pleased to share that we offer emotional wellbeing coaching for children and families. We likewise share plenty of ideas on how to build emotional literacy, encourage stress management techniques, and even share movie day ideas that bridge film with discussions on Mental Wellbeing.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of some of the top Children’s Mental Health resources. Please note that all of these businesses are small, independently owner, and doing great things for our community 🙂

If you like what you see, please be sure to connect with the owners and share this round up with your family friends.

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