Tutors who are Safe, Skilled Supported

As a parent or school leader, finding the right qualified tutor for your child is crucial to their academic success. A tutor can provide your child with personalized attention and help them overcome any learning challenges they may face. However, with so many tutors and tutoring services available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some factors to consider when choosing a tutor and why the Bettering Youth team is a great option.

Tutors who are Safe

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the tutor is safe. This means that they have undergone an enhanced background check and have appropriate credentials. Some tutors may also have Safeguarding training and other means to demonstrate how they will keep your child Safe.

Bettering Youth Ltd. is dedicated to keeping students safe. When externally reviewed by Qualified Tutor, they needed to demonstrate their safe hiring and safeguarding practises. One such safeguarding practise is to have all sessions transcribed. This allows students to have access to key learning, parents to feel at ease knowing their child’s safety is being upheld, and for tutors it is the basis upon which we do our termly reviews and mentoring. Based on the systems in place, Bettering Youth has been deemed a Safe tutoring company.

Tutors who are Skilled

The second factor to consider is the tutor’s qualifications and experience. It’s important to choose a tutor who has the skills and knowledge to help your child succeed academically. There are no tutors who are expert in all fields so you may need to hire numerous tutors to cover a variety of subjects. Don’t be afraid to ask tutors for qualifications, experience, and certifications. Qualified tutors, like those working with Bettering Youth Ltd, will be happy to share their experience.

Tutors who build Relationships

Thirdly, a good tutor should be able to build a strong relationship with your child. This means that they should be patient, understanding, and able to connect with your child on a personal level. This should begin prior to booking sessions in an informal meeting or trial session. From there, the child and tutor can continue to build their relations through friendly conversation in between learning.

Bettering Youth tutors understand the importance of building strong relationships with students, and they prioritize building rapport with each student they work with. This is especially important as our tutors intentionally blend emotional wellbeing coaching into sessions.

Tutors who are Reflective

Finally, you want to choose a tutor who is responsive and reflective. They should be able to adapt their teaching style to your child’s learning style, and they should be open to feedback and willing to make changes to their approach if needed. Bettering Youth Ltd believes in a personalized approach to tutoring, and works collaboratively with parents and other keystake holders.

The Gold Standard in Tutoring

Bettering Youth Ltd is internationally accredited by Qualified Tutor, based on the International Framework for Tutoring’s six elements. These elements include Safe, Skilled, and Supported tutors, as well as tutors who prioritize building a strong Relationship with their students, being Responsive to their needs, and Reflective in their teaching methods. This accreditation highlights Bettering Youth Ltd’s commitment to providing high-quality tutoring services that meet international standards.

QT Accredited

Bettering Youth’s commitment to the highest standard

In conclusion, choosing the right tutor is an important decision that can impact your child’s academic success. When considering a tutor, it’s important to look for qualifications and experience, teaching style, availability, and safety measures. Bettering Youth Ltd aligns with all of these factors and is a great option for parents and school leaders looking for high-quality tutoring services. With their personalized approach, flexible scheduling options, and commitment to safety and international standards, Bettering Youth Ltd is a top choice for parents and school leaders alike.


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