Can Home Educated Students Attend University?

Today’s blog aims to answer the important question on whether home educated children can attend University.

home educated children attend university

Some local authorities in the UK have reported a 200% rise in home education registrations. (Schools Week)

The growth comes as no surprise given that elective home schooling has been gradually rising over the previous decade.

If your family is thinking about elective home schooling, make sure to read our blogs, which try to answer some of the most often asked topics.

Today’s question:

Can Home Educated Students Attend University?

In short the answer is yes.

However, because the process will need careful preparation and documentation, we recommend that all families begin thinking about this next phase as early as 13 years old.

home educated children attend university

Top things to consider when preparing a home educated child for University

Six top tips to help home educated children attend University.

Connect with the University

The best piece of advice is to get in contact with the University early on.

Have your child write a letter to express their interest in a specific course and ask for their requirements or suggestions for aiding with the application process.

Keep a record

Section 7 of the Education Act of 1996 requires all young persons of compulsory educational age to receive full time education.

However, the phrase ‘Full Time’ does not specify how many hours are included.

As a result of the absence of needed structure, home educating families must take responsibility for recording their child’s progress and learning – especially if university is a consideration.

Create a portfolio

As of 2021, there are no precise rules dictating how many hours a child should spend studying a specific subject. There is also no set curriculum that all pupils must follow.

Keeping track of your child’s work and development in major areas of study is critical.

Encourage community engagement

If your child is interested in attending University for Business or Finance, get them involved in this world as soon as possible.

Have them volunteer or shadow a professional in their field of interest.

Build their character

As we know, finding employment is tricky. This is the case whether your child is home educated or not.

Help your child to build their communication skills. Help them to stay social and an active member of their community.

Saturday jobs and Volunteer experiences are great to show that your child is well rounded.

Take specific GCSEs or qualifications

While GCSEs or equivalents are not required by all schools, some do.

This is why planning ahead is so important.

Aiding your child in the preparation of key GCSEs such as math and English can enhance their chances of being accepted.

Other resources, such as Open University, offer great opportunities to achieve qualifications remotely.

Can home educated children attend university

Home Education with Bettering Youth Tutors

Our small team of tutors are all experienced classroom teachers who are committed to delivering personalised learning opportunities.

We have been trusted to support home educated children attend university:

  • Creating specific learning plans to prepare for GCSEs
  • Tutoring for GCSEs,
  • Providing academic mentoring to home educating families
  • Assisting with course selection and career counselling
  • Tutoring through University
  • Career mentoring

If you are considering University for your home schooled child and would welcome some further facts, professional advice or teaching support, please feel free to speak with us.

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