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Disney Inside Out characters demonstrate how to speak about mental health

How to use Inside Out to discuss Mental Health

By Bettering Youth Team / 13 September 2020
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Using film to talk about mental health is powerful. Learn the top 4 lessons from Disney’s Inside Out and the conversation prompts to begin a classroom discussion.

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Everything you need to know about the CEM 11+ exam: 2021-22 edition

By Bettering Youth Team / 6 September 2020

Learn all there is to know about the CEM 11+ entrance exam.

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5 tips to squash back to school anxiety

How to prepare children for change: Back to School Edition

By Bettering Youth Team / 30 August 2020
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Back school season for the 2020-2021 academic year is upon us. While we prepare for this new season, here are 5 tips to support your child in dealing with change and squashing back to school anxiety.

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7 steps for stress free exams

How to support stress free exams in 7 steps (for parents)

By Bettering Youth Team / 13 August 2020
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Learn the top 7 ways parents can reduce stress and anxiety around 11+ exams and tests

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Mindfulness and the 10 ways it improves your life

By Bettering Youth Team / 13 August 2020
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Learn the top 10 ways a mindfulness practise can improve your life!

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