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Dividing and Multiplying by 10, 100, 100

By Bettering Youth Team / 15 April 2024

In this video, I explain how to divide and multiply numbers by 10. I start by setting up a place value chart and explaining the significance of the “THS” notation. Then, I demonstrate how to divide a decimal number by 10, emphasizing the importance of shifting the digits to the right. Next, I show how to multiply a number by 10, highlighting the need to shift the digits to the left. Throughout the video, I provide clear examples and step-by-step instructions. Watch the video to learn these essential math skills!

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what happens after exams

Navigating Acceptance and Resilience: A Guide for Parents Post-Entrance Exams

By Bettering Youth Team / 15 January 2024
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A guide for post-entrance exams outcomes

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Independent Secondary School

Navigating the Path to Independent Secondary School: A Roadmap for Success

By Bettering Youth Team / 8 January 2024

Embarking on the journey towards an independent secondary school in the UK requires strategic planning and focused preparation. In this […]

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Everything You Need to Know: Independent School 11+ Journey!

By Bettering Youth Team / 10 November 2023

11+ independent school entrance exam can be a daunting journey but it doesn’t have to be!

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Empower Your Child’s Mental Health: 7 Tips for Exam Success

By Bettering Youth Team / 30 October 2023
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As we approach Stress Awareness Day and students gear up for various exams like GCSE resits, 11+ Common Entrance exams, and 13+ Common Entrance exams, it’s crucial to understand the challenges they face and learn how to safeguard their mental health

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Everything You need to Know about the ISEB Pre-Tests

By Bettering Youth Team / 2 October 2023
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Before delving into the preparation process, it’s crucial for parents to have a clear understanding of the ISEB Pre-Tests. These […]

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