Real World Maths CLUB

Year 5 - Year 7

Real World Maths

12 weeks


11+ Support

Evening sessions

Our Maths Club welcomes students who don't believe Maths is their forte.

We connect online in small groups (no more than 8)

Children are encouraged to share answers by speaking out and writing on the whiteboard.

This term begins September 14th and will focus on foundational skills of Multiplying, Dividing and solving word problems with Mental Maths. We will also investigate Percentages, Decimals and Fractions.

Are you

  • Looking for a Maths Tutor?
  • Want a Maths Class for your child who is home educated?
  • Desire small group classes?
  • Tired of the homework battles!?

Does your child

  • Struggle in Maths?
  • Not understand how classroom Maths is important for their future?
  • Need a community that's small and kind to help them continue to develop socio-emotionally during lockdown?
  • Need a fun and interactive lesson to keep Maths interesting?
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Open invitation to children in year 5 and year 6 (10-13 years old)

online maths tuition that goes above and beyond the classroom!

The truth is Maths is a key skill our children require in order to interact and engage with our world at large.

Yes, this programme will support their ability to answer Maths questions in exam-style formats.

The bigger picture: This programme will make connections between your child's life and how we use these Maths skills beyond the classroom and in the real world.

So, if you're tired of the moaning and groaning that greets you each time you try and encourage your child to sit and do their Maths world, then you're in luck!

The Bettering Youth Real World Maths Club is the only Maths tutoring that will not only help your child to develop the skills that are fundamental to the KS2/KS3 Maths curriculum, but we will also teach them about how these theories and concepts can be applied to real-world Maths problems.

You want your child to feel prepared for the future, and we strive to always support children above and beyond the classroom. What better way than to teach them how what they learn in the classroom is important for the real world.


This 12 week Maths tuition programme will cover the skills and techniques required to boost Maths understanding.

We will blend this academic knowledge with real-world applications to create a relevant and fun experience for your child.

Our sessions will be broken into three parts:

  1. Teaching: Ensuring all students understand the relationship between and the use of Geometry
  2. Building: Providing opportunities for students to explore and deepen their understanding of these concepts through practise and play
  3. Connecting: Bringing these topics to life by investigating real-world applications of these concepts


Term 1: September 14th - December 7th

Focus: Foundational skills in Multiplication, Division and Mental Maths + Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

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Bettering Youth's online courses are secured and private with the help of Dr. Jacqui Taylor, One of the 20 most powerful UK entrepreneurs, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her international web science work.... She's pretty incredible at creating safe online spaces.


We always teach above and beyond the classroom. Therefore, we will embed within our Maths Club the skills required to participate online in a way that utilises critical thinking and safe habits. Plus! This is a great opportunity for your child to continue developing socio-emotionally in a safe environment.

Experienced Classroom teachers

All of our tutors are experienced classroom teachers who are passionate about supporting children’s academic progress in a way that suits their learning needs.

1st Class Degrees

All of our tutors are educated at university level to ensure that your child is supported by an expert in their field. Our head tutor, Sarahlynn graduated from Laurentian University, one of Canada's top undergraduate universities, with a Distinction in English and a Minor in Biology!

Clean DBS

Every Bettering Youth tutor has a clean DBS check, which is renewed every year for your peace of mind.


V did really enjoy the poem (The Raven). When I asked her about it she started reciting it to me! She said that it’s mysterious and really dramatic and is now her favourite poem. Was a very good choice!

She is loving Comprehension Club – especially this term’s focus on Poetry. Thank you so much! She has sent her poems to her Nanny to read as she also writes poetry!

She came out of the session this evening and showed me what she had done. She said she really liked algebra so that’s a pretty good result I think!

Thank you for creating the Comprehension Club. My daughter really loves seeing all of her ‘club friends’ every week and I can hear her confidence really building as she explores these comprehension questions with you. It’s been a real weight off.

S came away from today’s Comprehension Club with a big smile on her face! I loved hearing her reading out loud to the group. It’s not something I ever thought she would be confident enough to do! Thank you!

We were recommended Sarahlynn at Bettering Youth by a friend and our daughter has been attending both Maths and Comprehension club for the last term. We are so glad that we signed up. V was doubting her abilities and Maths, in particular, had become a bit of a block. She was very nervous about joining the group but Sarahlynn is so encouraging. She creates a really warm and caring space where the children feel confident and capable. Now I hear V participating and sharing ideas with the other children in the group, without fear of ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘sounding silly’. Her self-belief has really grown and she looks forward to the classes each week. Thank you Sarahlynn!

Does your child require 1-to-1 support?

Don't worry, we have a team of specialist teachers who are available for 1-to-1 maths tution.

Head over to our Minduflness Tuition page to learn more about how we support children with maths tutoring.

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Bettering Youth provides tuition for maths in person within Ascot, Windsor, Maidenhead and Virginia Water. Should you prefer a 1-1 or in-person session, please feel free to connect with us!

To ensure our high standards, we only work with a limited number of clients. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to secure your place, just pop me a message using the contact form or email me at sarahlynnhodder@betteringyouth.com.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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