Because every child deserves to shine

This is why Bettering Youth provides emotional coaching and academic tutoring either through online tuition or in partnership with the school.

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Bespoke tuition that goes above and beyond the classroom



Critical Thinking


The Bettering Youth Difference

Children build confidence in Maths, English and Science by developing academic resilience, growth mindset and establishing strong study skills.

6 reasons working with Bettering Youth
supports children’s mental wellbeing:

boy standing beside a timer

Improve focus and productivity27

learning about self care

Increase self-worth and confidence32

communicating between men and women

Develop communication skills29

calm woman with coffee and plants

Create a sense of calm25

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Reduce anxiety, and worries31

3 people showing progress and growth

Build resilience and a growth mindset30

What this means in “real world” lingo:

No more mysterious tummy aches

Stop the erratic blowouts

Banish the homework struggle

Put an end to the "I don't know's"

Reduce the worries

Slow the drama

Hi! I am so pleased to meet you!

I’m Sarahlynn — the teacher, head tutor and Founder of Bettering Youth.

Let me tell you a little more about Bettering Youth. We are a Berkshire-based online tuition company who are committed to providing students with a complete understanding of how to study, how to learn and how to succeed; both in the classroom and beyond.

Our sessions cover Maths, English and Science tuition as well as specific material in preparation for the 11+ exam for both the GL assessment board and the CEM board. Additionally, we support students to prepare for GCSE exams by providing Study Smarter Sessions.

Going way beyond traditional academic support, our unique programmes beautifully blend learning with emotional literacy, confidence building skills and resilience coaching.

Combining my years of experience as an outstanding educator with the latest scientific studies, we help children develop the empathy, resilience, critical thinking and self-awareness skills that lead them to success above and beyond the classroom!

THIS is why hundreds of parents and schools have entrusted Bettering Youth to not only support their child’s academic journey, but their collective journey to happier, healthier, and more resilient communities.

Sarahlynn owner of Bettering Youth

Let me show you how, but first, tell me this…

I am a parent looking for academic support for my child.

I am a parent seeking emotional support.

I am an educator wanting to support my students.

I am a school wanting to support my staff.

Need advice?

If you'd like more information about Bettering Youth's unique tuition programmes, please just pop me a message using the contact form. I would love to hear from you!

Let's have a chat about your child's programme!

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Would you like some fabulous freebies?

I’ve put together some of my best resources to provide you with some super-useful 11+ exam-prep material, studying tricks, time management hints for children, non-verbal reasoning how-tos and mindfulness techniques. Simply click the link and I’ll whizz some fabulous freebies straight over to you!

Click here to download your fabulous freebies!

Bettering Youth is already positively impacting over


And their families across the UK and abroad. We are so proud to be working with schools and families who genuinely care about developing children's mental health and wellbeing.

How we make everything "easy peasy, lemon squeezy"!

When you work with us as a parent, we’ll guide you through our simple four-step process to creating a bespoke support journey for your child - one that will banish the homework struggle and instill a new love of learning.


It all begins with a quick five-minute questionnaire. We know you’re busy, so we promise this won’t take long!


We’ll then arrange to have a complimentary 30-minute conversation where you’ll be able to share your current goals for your child’s tuition programme and let me know in what areas you think that they need to improve upon. I’ll also find out more about your child’s learning style and interests, to ensure that this is considered during our time together.

Furthermore, we’ll also discuss the results from the questionnaire and provide you with some quick but effective tools to help support your child; meaning that you can come away from your free call already armed with some action steps to support your child right from the get go!


Now that we’ve delved a little deeper, the Bettering Youth team will get to work on creating a unique learning programme that will help your child improve their grades, grow in confidence, and build resiliency.


Let’s start the journey! Once we’re all set and you’re happy with our programme outline, your child will embark on their first session with the Bettering Youth team, and their journey to better grades, improved confidence and resilience will begin!

Backed by scientific research

Harnessing the latest scientific studies, our online tuition programmes combine my experience as an outstanding educator with mindful well-being techniques. Here are just some of the positive benefits of mindfulness coaching:

Better Focus & Attention27

Less anxiety26

Better Communication29

More confidence32

Leading to improved grades and happier, healthier children!

Studies of students practicing mindful awareness exercises have shown:

  • Higher levels of emotional control, optimism and empathy than students who were not instructed in mindfulness span16
  • Reduced behavior problems and aggression among students17
  • Improvement with metacognition and their ability to maintain attention. These students also showed improvements in memory, planning, and organization18
  • Increased impulse control19

Ways to practise mindfulness

Formal Mindfulness encourages you to take time within your day to become present. This usually will have you close your eyes as you focus your attention on your breath or the sensations in your body.

Informal Mindfulness is when you (prioritise) bringing your full, non-judgmental attention to an activity you’re doing. This could be walking, playing, washing the dishes, or listening to a friend.

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