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"I just want to say that I have found this genuinely helpful. I think it really helped me in my test" Year 8 English Student

"I feel better better (about comparing texts) because if a teacher were to ask me to (compare texts), I'll have better vocabulary to share the differences and similarities. And I understand how the tone impacts us as a reader" Year 9 English Student

"T seemed really engaged and said he enjoyed them. They were pitched around the right level. It was good seeing him smiling and engaging in/enjoying his learning." Year 6 Maths

"I would like to say that we are very happy that E got scholarship at Northampton High School and would like to say a big thank you for teaching and encouraging her on getting her goal. She is very happy. Thank you" 11+ Scholarship

"My son has changed from hating maths to saying it’s his favourite subject. This is down to Sarahlynn’s patience and fun. He has grown in confidence and understands that maths is not vague, there is one answer, he just needs to figure it out. Worth the investment in his education." Year 6 ISEB

"Sarahlynn has been great with our 7 year-old son. She's helped him gain confidence and practical skills to help him with his school work and more broadly with life. She's been great support to us as parents as we navigate his education and the UK school system. We highly recommend her!" Year 2 Coaching

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