100 videos to take the stress out of exam season

Wellbeing Support for Students during Exam Season

If your child is preparing for an upcoming exam, then this Parents Only group is for you!

We share a daily video with tips, tricks, and activities that will support your child in developing the key skills to thrive during exam season.

Some topics include:

  • How to manage exam anxieties
  • Where to begin when studying
  • Maintaining a resilient headspace while learning
  • Setting up self-care routines to promote wellbeing
  • and so much more!
Sarahlynn Preparing for an online workshop with parents

Hi I'm Sarahlynn!

I'm the founder of the Mindful Toolbox, Bettering Youth and Wellbeing lead for the Qualified Tutor community of professional tutors.

I believe that academic success is built upon a strong wellbeing foundation.

Like a house, if the foundation has a crack, the house won't last.

Similarly for academics, if a child doesn't have the tools and resources to handle the stress, manage their wellbeing and avoid burnout, it won't matter how hard they study; they'll eventually crash.

To avoid this all too common scenario, Bettering Youth tutors blend emotional wellbeing coaching into our academic tutoring sessions.

For families who are strong in academics and want more of the wellbeing side - we've created the Mindful Toolbox; A space for you to gain the skills and support to help your child thrive within and beyond the classroom.


Everything that we do at Bettering Youth is backed by evidence, which is why we wanted to share with
you the research for which we have based our highly successful programmes on.

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